Log Cabins

Hallgate Timber now sell a wide range of log cabins from LV, Palmako & Lugarde. Have you own pool room, sauna, guest house or garden office with our large range of timber log cabins. We now have cabins on show at our Long Sutton Yard. We offer a full service including bases & installation of our cabins
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Euro Range Log Cabins

Banner picture of our Witham Euro Cabin, based in lincolnshire

Hallgate Timber are proud to offer the Euro range of timber log cabins. Made from high quality siberian pine in a wide range of choices of size, log thickness and layout.
Features on the range include:
+CE marked Double glazing units on cabins with walls 34mm and thicker
+Tilt n turn windows on 44mm and thicker
+28mm thick floors on all cabins
+The option of a twin skin cabin wall with a space for insulation between the 2 log cabin wall layers

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TF Range Log Cabins

Banner picture of our TF5 log cabin, based in lincolnshire

Log cabins in the TF range are made from high quality siberian pine timber, they come with Euro range timber cabins windows and doors offering unrivalled strength and durabilty. We have a wide range of style and sizes of timber cabins in the TF log cabin range.
Interlocking timber walls are available in choice of 28mm log, 34mm log, 44mm log, 70mm log, twinskin cabin walls in 34mm + 34mm, 44m + 44mm, 70mm + 70mm

We have garage models of log cabin the TF cabin range such as the Malay Cabin and small storage cabins such as the Olympia cabin.

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Lugarde Log Cabins

Banner picture of our Lugarde London Log Cabin, based in lincolnshire

Lugarde also has an extensive range of log cabins in wood thicknesses of 44 mm and 68 mm in addition to the Prima summerhouse range. Because Lugarde is responsible for all aspects of production, the dimensions we offer are very fl exible and we take into account your personal requirements. We have ample scope to play around with various aspects of the design, such as dimensions, layout, type of windows and doors, insulation, multiple levels, veranda, window shutters, canopy, coupling with other log cabins or with a summerhouse in the Prima series. These options allow you to create a log cabin that fits in with your home and environment.
You can, together with your dealer, set out your requirements on paper together with a sketch, whereupon we can look at the options for your design and draw up a non-binding offer. Once you are happy with the design, a more detailed drawing will be made at a cost of €100; this amount will be refunded as soon as the log cabin or summerhouse has been delivered.

All models are delivered, as standard, inclusive of glass, pressure impregnated foundation beams, chrome metalwork / brass metalwork. A wooden floor is optional. For the shingled roof, you have a choice of 5 colours: green, red, black, brown or blue. The roofs are delivered in loose parts: rafters, roof sections and shingles. All log cabins are delivered exclusive of set-up. The single doors are always left-hand ones; iif you want your door to open differently, please indicate this on your order (no extra charge). For double doors, the right door is the wicket door.

All models in 44 mm are also available in 68 mm. The log cabin you receive is very robust and of high quality. It is also possible to apply roof and floor insulation (depending on the intended purpose of your log cabin).

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Kota BBQ Huts

Banner picture of our Kota BBQ hut log cabin, based in lincolnshire

We are very proud to offer our grill cabins as they are the perfect solution for entertaining in our changeable climate.
These unique buildings are spacious, warm and create a beautiful ambient area for entertaining and relaxing. Our grill cabins can be used all year round, however the winter is when these superb buildings really come into their own. Light the fire, open a bottle of wine and simply relax !

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